The perfect start for the day.

Commence every day like a Sunday: with a delicious breakfast pampering you generously. 
Indulge yourself with our rich breakfast buffet, offering:

  • A great assortment of fresh bread rolls, toasts and a veriety of breads

  • Sweet pastries and croissants

  • A selection of ham and gammon

  • A wide range of cold cuts and  meat, salami and more

  • A cheeseboard and cheese platter

  • Cream cheese

  • Salmon and  horseradish

  • Eggs (scambled, hord boiled)

  • Fried bacon, fried sausages and mini meat balls

  • Honey, Nutella and a variety of jams

  • A wide choice of cereals, corn flakes and muesli

  • Joghurts with and without fruits

  • Raw fruit and vegetables

  • Dried fruits

  • Optional other specials such as home-made salads, cakes and more….

  • Juices

  • And – of course – coffee, cacao, milk and variuos tea blends

It goes without saying that we can also offer (for a small extra charge) a breakfast catering for special requests (vegan, lactose-free, for diabetcis, etc.). If you have such a special request, kindly inform us when making your reservation/booking.

Even if you do not stay with us, you may enjoy the delicious start for the day with us.

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